Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai

301 m²

5 bedrooms


Swimming pool

Additional information

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Ref. 7117482



One of the world’s most photogenic destinations, Santorini evokes awe and wonder any time of the year. The white sandy beaches allure, inviting you to leave footprints and take home memories.

Push the boundaries at the Fitness & Wellness Zone, followed by a wall climbing dare. Then spend a relaxing afternoon by the nature pond and when the sun goes down, celebrate at The Clubhouse before you head to the floating Cinema to enjoy a movie under the stars.



Close to the charm of DAMAC Hills and yet hidden away from the bustle is DAMAC Lagoons – a new community where enchanting villas and townhouses surround azure blue lagoons, while sandy beaches, tropical island vibes and a host of other enchanting experiences. Escape to a holiday without ever leaving home.


It’s magical to lose yourself under the waterfalls and find yourself in oneness with he nature. Feel the gush of the water, enjoy a leisurely dip or swan through sun-kissed afternoons in your kayak.


Lush landscape all around. Trees lining your pathway. Your footprints, playfully marking the while sands. Everything about a tropical island has a place here. Savour an eclectic mix of al-fresco dining concepts and beachfront cafes, or find a quiet spot of your own to take it all.

Payment Plan:

· Deposit 19%
· 1st Instalment 5% Within 3 months of sale date
· 2nd Instalment 5% Within 6 months of sale date
· 3rd Instalment 5% Within 9 months of sale date
· 4th Instalment 5% Within 12 months of sale date
· 5tht Instalment 5% Within 15 months of sale date
· 6th Instalment 5% Within 18 months of sale date
· 7th Instalment 5% Within 21 months of sale date
· 8th Instalment 5% Within 24 months of sale date
· 9th Instalment 3.75 Within 27 months of sale date
· 10th Instalment 3.75 Within 30 months of sale date
· 11th Instalment 3.75 Within 33 months of sale date
· 12th Instalment 3.75 Within 36 months of sale date
· 13th Instalment 30% On Completion

Beachfront cafes
Quiet spot that you can all your own
Lush landscaped all around
Trees lined on the pathway

Other visuals

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