Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai
Sale Townhouse Dubai

299 m²

5 bedrooms

4 bathrooms


Swimming pool

Additional information

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Ref. 7116740



At the adrenaline Hub of Costa Bravia, Catalonia vibes meet exhilarating adventures. Channel your inner thrill-seeker with the new adventures every day – ziplining, rock climbing, kayaking, paddle surfing and wave riding.

Teeming with unspoilt coves and hemed with lively villages and pockets of seclusion, Costa Bravia echoes the artistic verve of Catalonia. Vivid green pastures an scenic valleys are just a few of its gems.

Contemporary Living Inspired by Water

THERE’S SOMETHING about the water

Flowing with hope. Brimming with the promise of a beautiful journey. Moments that take you back in time. To sun-dappled and moonlit skies. Mystical. Melodic. Majestic. Intense enough to inspire you. And yet, gentle enough to calm you, and carry you into its warm embrace. It sounds like love. It feels like home.

Ready to cruise the Mediterranean?

Imagine sun-kissed sands, crystal clear waters, cobblestone streets, artful architecture and other evocative features. What if you could embark on a Mediterranean voyage without ever leaving home?


Some of the most beautiful cities come alive in this stunning community destination, paying tribute to Mediterranean life done in inimitable style. From the music and adventure to the entertainment and more, explore all they have to offer from comfort of your luxury Dubai home. Here every day feels like a holiday.

Payment Plan:

· Deposit 19%
· 1st Instalment 5% Within 3 months of sale date
· 2nd Instalment 5% Within 6 months of sale date
· 3rd Instalment 5% Within 9 months of sale date
· 4th Instalment 5% Within 12 months of sale date
· 5tht Instalment 5% Within 15 months of sale date
· 6th Instalment 5% Within 18 months of sale date
· 7th Instalment 5% Within 21 months of sale date
· 8th Instalment 5% Within 24 months of sale date
· 9th Instalment 3.75 Within 27 months of sale date
· 10th Instalment 3.75 Within 30 months of sale date
· 11th Instalment 3.75 Within 33 months of sale date
· 12th Instalment 3.75 Within 36 months of sale date
· 13th Instalment 30% On Completion

5 Bedrooms / Vibrant living is the call of Costa Brava, so no matter what you’re looking for everyday, here is where it all comes to life.

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