Villa / Property for Sale in Venice, Italy | buy Villa / Property Ref : IV517 Venice, Italy
8 000 000 €

Living space : 500 sqm

Land : 2000 sqm

Villa / Property

N° IV517

2000 sqm

500 sqm

Venetian Lagoon – Ottagono agli Alberoni: Ottagono agli Alberoni is a splendid defensive architecture of the 500s’, and also a unique and pleasant dwelling that emerges from the water, as if suspended between the confused blue of sky and sea and like a great ark with robust red brick walls crowned from Istrian stone that plunges oblique in brackish water. Motionless, strong yet gentle: serene as if it had never been touched by militias: the pleasant dream of a safe home, a safe haven. It is much more than a beautiful villa or a large castle. It is an unreal image, a golden gem, unique in the world in a unique setting, the beautiful basin of Venice also unique. Happy alone island, secluded yet close to the shore and to one of the most beautiful beaches of Lido which does not hear the noise, this area was inhabited and animated (and Malamocco Alberoni). It 'close to the embankments of Pellestrina that with the huge slabs of stone from Istria, put in the blue sea. The island has an excellent location in the Venice lagoon close to the Canal Malamocco a short distance from the island of Lido. It reaches from Piazzale Roma or the train station by public transport (35 minutes by speedboat direct to the Lido, from Lido - connections - bus in less than twenty minutes). From 5 to 11 minutes, even by rowing boat you approach already the front door in iron mail to the North. To the north it opens the only door of access. To the left of the entrance there is a first little house of 55 sqm. A precise architectural design of the paths immediately after the entrance and leads to a 'square' paved with a central octagonal well down surmounted by a sort of round donut that invites you to sit. A path in the south-west, leaving the entrance door to the big house over 400 square meters: contains 8 large rectangular rooms and two triangular and a walkway to a barrel vault low, wide and high about 2 meters long and more than 10 meters. Deep grooves lead to the windows on the lagoon. In head north a small part of the building of 30 square meters has shaped like a chapel. On the house a terrace of over 100 square meters opens a great view over the lagoon and Venice. From this level the path along almost the entire perimeter (up to the house) only interrupted on two corners by two stone benches facing each other, separated by a coffee table, also in stone: here's eyes light up at the sight of the lagoon and to the interior of the park of over 2000 square meters connected by a path that leads from the entrance to the center of the house. A well built by the Austrians offers abundant fresh water. APE free. All data above do not constitute part of a contract.