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Living space : 1500 sqm

Villa / Property

N° IV775

1500 sqm




On the slopes of Monte Morra and del Monte Gennaro, in the heart of the Natural Park of Monti Lucretili, stands the medieval village of San Polo dei Cavalieri, whose distinctive feature is the Castle of San Polo, in a position that dominates the whole area surrounding a 360 °. Il Castle initially housed, starting in about 1000, the Benedictine monks of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, which fortified the ancient watchtower, today's Mastio, probably existing as early as 604 adaptation of an ancient Roman building. A further fortification of the tower and fortification of the fortress avvenì by the Orsini in 1438, confirmed date from the ancient inscription affixed to the end of the works. In the mid 1500s, the castle was transformed into a baronial palace commissioned by Cardinal Federico Cesi, the great patron of the arts, and it is in this period that the Palace was enriched by numerous frescoes attributed to Zuccari and Muziano, and its structure lightened by large windows designed by the architect Guidetti. Then the building passed into the hands of the Borghese family, who held it until 1860. Around the 90s, a major restoration was made, under the supervision of the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape of Lazio. Currently, the castle is used as a private residence, and can be visited on request through the appropriate agencies. The property is of great historical interest, hosts inside a magnificent chapel and collections of antique pottery, paintings, carpets, furniture and accessories. La structure, rectangular with round towers at the four corners, is on four levels: the third level there are two completely frescoed rooms of 40 and 70 sqm while on the fourth level there is a terrace of 100 sqm with access to the viewpoint of Mastio.